KWS Fintech Services

Banking and Finance Consultant

KWS Fintech Services is one of the leading independent specialist VAT firms in the UAE.

Banking and Finance Consultant

KWS Fintech Service is a provider of transformative business and digital solutions to the global banking and financial services community.

KWS Fintech Service is a provider of transformative business and digital solutions to the global banking and financial services community. KWS Fintech Service provides a full range of services relating to banking. We assist with your banking requirements within and outside the UAE.

KWS Fintech Services – Financial and Banking Services

  • Business Accounts (Onshore & Offshore)
  • Personal Accounts (Onshore & Offshore)
  • Non UAE Resident Accounts (Personal & Corporate)
  • Home Finance (Resident & Non Resident Mortgage)
  • SME Finance (Working Capital)
  • Commercial & Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance

Trade Finance Solutions

KWS Fintech Services is just the right spot for the businesses to begin if they are looking for trade finance solutions! We specialize in assisting traders and contractors by providing different financial instruments to conclude their needs. Also We provide International Trade Finance Facilities for importers, exporters, developers, contractors and manufacturers from European Banks without margin.

Bank Accounts

The corporate sector needs bank accounts to strengthen their credit score. Opening a bank account in the UAE can be a daunting task, but not with KWS Fintech Services experts! Here, you can easily get an onshore or an offshore account without being buried under heaps of paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a banking and finance consultant in VAT, my role is to provide expert advice and guidance to clients regarding their VAT-related obligations and help them optimize their VAT processes. I assist in VAT compliance, planning, structuring, risk management, and provide advisory services on complex VAT matters.

I can help you understand VAT regulations, assess your VAT compliance requirements, and assist you in meeting those requirements. This includes helping you register for VAT, preparing and submitting accurate VAT returns, and maintaining proper VAT records. I can also review your internal processes and controls to ensure VAT compliance.

I can analyze your business operations and transactions to identify opportunities for VAT optimization. This includes assessing your supply chain, identifying input VAT recovery opportunities, and implementing appropriate structures and procedures to minimize tax liabilities and maximize VAT reclaims.

Yes, I can provide guidance on the VAT implications of cross-border transactions. This includes determining the place of supply, assessing import and export VAT, and ensuring compliance with VAT reporting requirements in different jurisdictions. I can help you navigate the complexities and ensure proper VAT treatment for international transactions.

I can assess your VAT risks by reviewing your operations, processes, and systems. I can identify potential areas of non-compliance, recommend improvements, and help you implement robust controls to mitigate VAT risks. Additionally, I can assist you in preparing for VAT audits and resolving any disputes or challenges with tax authorities.

Yes, I can conduct training sessions and workshops to educate your staff on VAT regulations and best practices. This helps in enhancing their understanding of VAT responsibilities, ensuring compliance, and improving overall VAT awareness within your organization.

I can recommend VAT-related software or technology solutions that can streamline your VAT processes, improve accuracy, and enhance reporting capabilities. This may include VAT compliance software, automation tools, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems tailored to VAT requirements. I will assess your specific needs and provide suitable recommendations.