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VAT Return Filing in UAE

VAT Return, also known as ‘Tax return’ is a statement which a registered Entity needs to submit to the government authority after their TRN generation. Choose US, one of the best outsourcing companies in the UAE, for your VAT filing and VAT return filing needs, and free yourself from the worry of dealing with VAT!

File Your Returns On Time

Whether you own a small, medium, or established large business, you need to get registered for VAT in UAE under the Emara Tax law. Registering your business under the UAE VAT law denotes that your business is recognized by the Government. VAT registration in UAE for your business entity will depend on the income generated from your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

A VAT return is a document that summarizes the VAT liability of a business for a specific period, typically a month or a quarter. It includes information on sales made during the period, VAT collected from customers, VAT paid on purchases, and any adjustments or refunds applicable

Businesses that are registered for VAT and meet the threshold set by the tax authorities are required to file VAT returns. The threshold can vary between countries. Small businesses or businesses below the threshold may be exempt from VAT registration and filing.

The frequency of VAT return filing depends on the regulations of the tax authority in your country. In some jurisdictions, VAT returns are filed monthly, while in others, they are filed quarterly or annually.

A VAT return typically includes the following information:

  • Total sales made during the period
  • VAT collected from customers
  • VAT paid on purchases
  • VAT on importation of goods or services
  • VAT adjustments, if applicable (e.g., bad debts, corrections, exemptions)
  • Total VAT liability or refund due

VAT liability is calculated by deducting the input VAT (VAT paid on purchases) from the output VAT (VAT collected on sales) made during the reporting period. The resulting amount represents the net VAT liability or refund due.

The deadlines for VAT return filing vary by jurisdiction. It is important to comply with the deadlines set by the tax authority to avoid penalties or late filing fees. It is recommended to check the specific deadlines applicable to your country or consult with a tax professional.